Catching Blues (1CD)
Fabrizio Spadea

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1.Catching Blues (Fabrizio Spadea)
2.Blue Rain (Fabrizio Spadea)
3.Old Mood (Fabrizio Spadea)
4.Tutu (Marcus Miller)
5.Solar (Miles Davis)
6.Full Nelson (Marcus Miller)
7.Il 31 di Luglio (Fabrizio Spadea)
8.Empty (Fabrizio Spadea)
9.Night and then day (Fabrizio Spadea)

Fabrizio Spadea: guitar
Roberto Mattei: bass
Massimiliano Salina: drums

A jazz trio with guitar has always been my favorite group formation. It is the one that more than any other opens me to a total freedom of expression, to the artistic creation that I have constantly pursued during the recording of this album. My work was also carried out with the aid of sounds obtained thanks to technology, to the sonority of other musical styles (rock, funk) and to digital effects such as wha-touch and harmonizer.
   These sounds are present in some of my compositions like Catching Blues and Old Mood and in the two pieces written by Marcus Miller for the famous "Tutu" record by Miles Davis: my way to pay tribute to this legendary jazz player.
   A special thanks to my fellow players, Roberto Mattei and Massimiliano Salina, for their expertise and commitment in the implementation of our project, born as a result of constant rehearsing for this and other repertoires.
 I dedicate this album to the many people who have always valued me and encouraged me to persevere in my studies and to perfect my improvisational language.
Fabrizio Spadea


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