My River runs to thee (1CD)
Beatrice Arrigoni

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1.I sing
2.After great pain
3.Hope is the thing with feathers
4.Much Madness
5.Blazing in Gold
6.Wild Nights
7.My River runs to thee
8.We dream

Beatrice Arrigoni: vocals
Fabrizio Carriero: drums and percussions

A series of poems by Emily Dickinson set to music and “improvised” by voice, drums and percussions.
Nine imaginative visions expressed with shimmering “colours”, pure sounds, moments of solemn silence.
A perpetual play of  spaces between the word and the gesture where the poem stands out as an evocation, and where the sound holds the deepest  meaning of everything.
A journey through the experimentation of new timbres, of basic melodies, of throbbing and rarefied rhythms, that tells the word in a visionary and passionate way.



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