Impression Musique Levant (1CD)
Giò Belli

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1.La Festa (Giovanni Belli)
2.Sirena Adriatica (Giovanni Belli)
3.Galipette (Mauro Mussoni)
4.In Libertà (Giovanni Belli)
5.La Maledizione del quadrante (Giovanni Belli)
6.Aspettango (Mauro Mussoni)
7.Stray Cat (Giovanni Belli)
8.Embrace (Giovanni Belli)
9.Coquette (Green Johnny, Lombardo Carmen, Kahn Gus)

Giò Belli: Lead guitar
Marco Gelli: Rhythm Guitar
Mauro Mussoni: Double Bass
Nico Gori: Clarinet
Valéry Haumont: Voice

Romagna’s guitarist, he was born in town of Bagno di Romagna.
He cultivated love for music and especially guitar since he was 11 years old.
In the second half of nineteenth century some painters defied conventions and came out of their workshops to paint “en plein air”, whit a quick technique driven by likewise immediate inspiration.
En plen air is also gio bellis’ jazz Manouche. You will feel it just from the first notes: bright, free, unpredictable, like only ‘a music that paints’ can do.
The cover image shows “Beach at Calais", a 1830 picture painted by a brilliant English pre-Impressionist: William Turner, defined by all as the Painter of Light.


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