Terre di Vento (1CD)
Raffaele Olivieri

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1.Terre di Vento (Raffaele Olivieri)
2.Défilé (Raffaele Olivieri)
3.Oblique (Raffaele Olivieri)
4.Distanze (Raffaele Olivieri)
5.Passo di danza (Raffaele Olivieri)
6.Kandinsky (Raffaele Olivieri)
7.Other days (Raffaele Olivieri)
8.La donna di cuori (Raffaele Olivieri)
9.Vento di terra (Raffaele Olivieri)
10.Diamonds (Raffaele Olivieri)
11.Promenade (Raffaele Olivieri)
12.Last night (Raffaele Olivieri)
13.Giorni che vanno (Raffaele Olivieri)
14.Vivienne (Raffaele Olivieri)

Raffaele Olivieri: pianoforte e composizioni
Otello Savoia: contrabbasso
Sergio Mazzei: batteria
Roberto Blegi: armonica (track 2)

Raffaele Olivieri, pianist and composer, experiments in this project the formation of the jazz trio that follows his three previous albums in quartet ("Suddenly the moon"), quintet ("Light Steps") and solo piano ("Solitaire").
The sounds are totally acoustic.
The compositions and arrangements, halfway between tradition and innovation, transport us in a dimension of elegance and lightness with rarefied atmospheres, sometimes suspended and evocative. The generally romantic-melodic setting, with frequent incursions into the sound-track and in French music, does not however renounce the biting of the African-American and Latin jazz language, conjugated in a skilful balance with the reflexivity of European jazz.


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