The Funk (1CD)
Science Freak

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1.Orange Crash (Gabriele Rampi Ungar)
2.Escapism (Gabriele Rampi Ungar)
3.Ipotesi e Tesi (Gabriele Rampi Ungar)
4.Chiral (Gabriele Rampi Ungar)
5.Soul Orbit (Gabriele Rampi Ungar)
6.Enjoy the Science (Gabriele Rampi Ungar)
7.The Funk (Gabriele Rampi Ungar)
Bonus Track
8.Song for My Father (Horace Silver)

Gabriele Rampi Ungar: Bass and composer
Fabrizio Gaudino: Trumpet
Marcello Abate: Guitar
Enrico Truzzi: Drums


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