Easy Concepts (1 LP 180 Gr. Translucent Orange) RSD 2021
Fabrizio Spadea

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LP 180 Gram"Limited and Numbered Edition 300 copies" Record Store Day
Translucent Orange Vinyl

1 Flying High 
2 Too Young
3 Summertime
4 Sodidado
5 Oblivion
6 Vuelvo al Sur

1 Take Six
2 I Don't Forget
3 Just Like It
4 The Dolphine
5 Notte e poi Giorno
6 Family

Fabrizio Spadea guitars, bass keyboards and percussions

One can achieve great goals by starting with simple and basic concepts. 
This was the challenge I faced in creating an easy listening vinyl that represents a personal reflection. However, while not all the pieces performed are simple
from a harmonic point of view, they are also neither an experiment nor are they musical research.
Quite simply, they are my way of conveying the emotions and feelings that the songs (jazz, soul, tango) have evoked in the course of my life.
I play all the featured instruments thanks to overdubbing techniques, together with rhythmic grooves generated by acoustic guitars with muted strings,
percussion on the guitar case, hand-clapping, and finger snaps. I also play the bass - in addition to electric, classic and folk guitars - in order to fill the 
arrangements and to demonstrate the range of sounds that one can create with a guitar.
The keyboard, my first love, provides the fusion of the guitar and percussion sounds. I composed seven of the twelve - more or less recent - songs chosen for the
vinyl. The title reflects the fact that one can play a particular style of music, which relies on “easy” harmonic and melodic concepts, while still allowing space
for high-level improvisations.

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