Even in my Soul
Marco Cocconi

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1.Even in my soul (M.Cocconi) 6:56
2.Broken pillows (M.Cocconi) 6:59
3.Terry’s dream (M.Cocconi) 5:14
4.A given song (M.Cocconi) 6:17
5.Blahamrar 443 (M.Cocconi) 5:19
6.Silent Frank (M.Cocconi) 5:48
7.Nobody else but me (J.Kern) 3:59
8.Palavras ao vento (M.Cocconi) 6:21
9.Zot (M.Cocconi) 6:15

Marco Cocconi (6 string electric bass and acoustic bass)
Manuel Caliumi (Alto and soprano sax)
Federico Negri (Drums)
Marco Cremaschini (Piano)
Roberto Soggetti (Orchestral arrangements)

Marco Cocconi's new personal project, entitled “Even in my soul”, is the second solo album after the debut one entitled “Chiaroscuri”.
The line-up consists of Federico Negri on drums, Manuel Caliumi on alto and soprano sax, Marco Cremaschini on piano and Marco Cocconi on electric bass and double bass.
Some pieces have been written and rearranged for the new organic, underline the different experiences accumulated in many years of activity in numerous musical concerts.
The result is an extremely varied work that testifies to the versatility of the Mantuan bass player.


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