Our Queen (1CD)
Claudio Salina Quintet

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1. Cinque + Sei
2.That Remains of the Day
4.The House of the Dream
5.Our Queen
6. Eolian
7.Ritorno da
8.Green Paraglider

Claudio Salina (piano, composizioni e arrangiamenti)
Tullio Ricci (Sax tenore e soprano)
Rudy Migliardi (Trombone)
Roberto Mattei (Contrabbasso)
Salina Massimiliano (batteria)

The project called Our Queen was born out of Salina's passion for composition, which brought him to explore different musical genres and, dealing with jazz, its stylistic phases. The album is a collection of pieces which have been written throughout the years.
The pieces are of different writing style, ranging from swing to fusion groove, from traditional ballad sounds to more modern harmonies and odd tempos.
The long-time cooperation with bass player Roberto Mattei and drummer Massimiliano Salina has been essential for the choice of the correct arrangements. Tullio Ricci, tenor and soprano saxophone player, and trombone player Rudy Migliardi enthusiastically joined the project as a further means of artistic expression.
Our Queen is dedicated to Giuliana.


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