Je Danse (1CD)
Denise Dimé

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1.1989 (Je Danse)
4.Ma Pirogue
6.Ne Laissez Pas
8.C’est La Vie
9.Banja Bajii
10.Maman du Monde

Denise Dimé: Vocals
Stefano Freddi: Guitar and Keyboards
Carlo Cantini: Violin
Lorenzo Pignattari: Bass
Massimo Tuzza: Percussion
Matteo Freddi: Drums

he project is dedicated to the preservation  of the great  musical, choral and cultural tradition of the tribal villages  in Cameroon around the town of Douala. The songs are in the oral  dialects of malimba, bacoco and batanca tribes as well as in French, their  official  language.
With the help of   some  members of the  villages, the  oral texts have been translated into French and then into Italian to thoroughly   understand the different  forms of  singing:  prayer, celebration, worry, dismay.
Denise Dimé (born Martin Denise Elessa) from Douala  has  translated the lyrics and   preserves  and cherish this oral tradition.


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