Denise Dimé

I studied Jazz at A.Steffani Music Conservatoire in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) with the teacher Francesca Bertazzo Hart.
Now I’m finishing my study at E.F. dall’Abaco Conservatoire in Verona and my teacher is Diana Torto.
I was born at Dehane in Cameroon the 14th july 1989.
When I was three years old, I left Africa and I came to Italy,a Country I appreciate.
I love music, it is in my heart not only for the musical tradition of Africa but also because I believe that music can
give a great energy and create a strong feeling with people who listen to it.
These are the features of an art among the most expressive, and you can enjoy of it without being a specialist.
I ever sang: when I was a child as a joke, when I was adolescent I studied music at school and now I continue
at the Conservatoires because I love Music and I decided that my passion will be my profession.
I’m very proud of it because singing is my life.


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