Nicola Stranieri

Nicola Stranieri began studies in Novara with Angelo Visconti, later studying with Enrico Lucchini and Tullio De Piscopo. He then continues by himself, treasuring a side by the diligent listening to the discs and the other of the attendance of the many musicians with whom he has had the pleasure of playing. He has participated in several seminars by leading musicians such as Peter Erskine, Enrico Rava and John Riley.

His natural versatility makes it popular in various musical contexts: from traditional jazz to modern and experimental styles.

Is very active, playing in major jazz clubs and participating in various exhibitions and festivals in various Italian and foreign cities, including:
UDIN & JAZZ, MITO Settembre Musica, Padua Jazz, Roccella Jazz Festival, Villa Celimontana (Rome), Music on Bocche ASCONA JAZZ (CH), BaRoMus (Croatia), Asolo Musica, Iseo Jazz, TanJazz (Tangiers / Morocco), III and IV Convention de la Flute Francaise (Paris), Festival Shkodra (Albania), Fano Jazz on the Sea, Trieste Jazz Festival, Events in Jazz, the Sound Vie, Novara Jazz, Ubi Jazz, AH-UM Milano Jazz Festival, Gallarate Jazz Festival, Euro Jazz Festival d'Ivrea, Varese in Jazz, Brianza Open Jazz, Rimini International Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Versilia, Sonvico in Jazz (Switzerland), Piedmont in Music, New Territories between jazz and European music, Sestri Jazz, Signs in Jazz, Pineto Jazz Accordion Festival, Midnight Jazz Festival, Land of the Sun, Girifalco Jazz Festival, Val Tidone Festival, Davos Sound Goods (CH), Travel Festival, the house of Jazz (Rome), Blue Note Milano, Torino Jazz Club, Ferrara Jazz Club, Pinocchio Jazz Club (Florence), Venice Jazz Club (Venice), etc.

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