Roberto Sansuini

Graduating Trumpet and Composition. 
In 1993 he won a scholarship for young composers banned by SIAE. 
In 1995 he obtained a diploma of specialization in composition at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome at the end of the courses held by Maestro Franco Donatoni. 
In the same year he won the 1st prize (single award) of the International Composition Competition "Valentino Bucchi" in Rome with a piece for string quartet. 
Over the years - the accomplice love for drums, instrument and began to play as a child - he approached music jazz arranger and activity, for small and large organic. 
Thus began an intense activity that will see him combine different roles (composer of "cultured" music arranger for big bands and small groups, composer and arranger of jazz and pop, composer of music for documentaries and jingles) believes that music can be lived to 360 °, without limitation genres or styles. 
In 2007 he won the 1st prize in the International Competition "Piacenza Jazz Arrangers" in the edition dedicated to John Coltrane, and for three consecutive years (2006-2007-2008) was a finalist in the competition for composition and arrangement BargaJazz. 
Since 1997, an intense collaboration with the saxophone quartet "Saxofollia" for which he wrote both original compositions that many arrangements for quartet, quartet with solo and double quartet. He also collaborated with Flavio Boltro, Gege Munari, Mario Marzi, Federico Mondelci, Luca Vignali, Andrea and Corrado Giuffredi, Alice Ricciardi, Stefania Rava. 
He has written arrangements for the Union Jazz Band of Vignola (MO), the Art Jazz Orchestra of Parma and the CB Band of Castelnuovo Sotto (RE). 
Winner of the competition for professorships held by the State, he teaches Composition since 1999 and currently teaches at the Conservatory of Music "A. Boito" of Parma. 


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