Claudio Salina

He started practising the piano as a schoolboy and later studied the piano, harmony and composition at "Conservatorio G. Verdi" in Milan.
He approached jazz aged 22 and formally studied the genre with pianists Nando De Luca and Guido Manusardi.
He has always been particularly focused on composition, also writing classical music pieces that have been recorded by pianists Giuliano Bellorini and Giuliano Cucco.
He contributed to musical projects along with Claudio Allifranchini, Fabio De Marchi, Federico Monti, Alfredo Ponissi, Stefano Solani, Massimo Caracca, Carlo Bernardinello, Gigi Di Gregorio, Danilo Minotti, Tullio Ricci, Roberto Mattei.
In 2010 he started an instructional project with Roberto Mattei dealing with ensemble music, whose teachers were Paolino Dalla Porta, Marco Micheli, Giovanni Rossi, Fabrizio Spadea, Michele Franzini, Harold Danko.
In 2018 he devised a musical event combining classical and jazz music, to which soloist pianist Irene Veneziano participated.

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