Rudy Migliardi

Conservatory graduate in Turin, he started playing for the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra in Milan and later for the Sinfonica Orchestra in the same city. He won the I trombone competition at Teatro Regio in Turin and the solo trombone competition for the Rhythmic Orchestra at Radio Televisione Italiana in Milan, where he collaborated with the most prominent European and American musicians, such as Gerry Mulligan, Kay Winding, GianLuigi Trovesi and Claudio Fasoli. He also performed at the most prestigious musical events in Europe, Israel, the USA and Canada. At the same time he focused on Baroque music with contralto trombone, also performing at concert for Trombone and Band. He simultaneously taught Contemporary Music in Siena for the courses organised by the European community and, always paying attention to all musical languages, he cooperated with songwriter Paolo Conte for a long time.

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