Robert Rothlisberger

It is not easy to talk about Robert, especially if the music is not your first job, but to learn about it was gradually made ​​a discovery of many unexpected surprises. First of all to that aspect histrionic, halfway between the serious and humorous, which sometimes leads you to consider "too much" for your chance; Then on the other hand, you find yourself in the role of a gypsy hearted and then you wonder if he is really the same person. Thus, in a piece by Gershwin and another Reinhart learn to understand how crazy gypsy and both his soul. (DF) "
Born in Sion, Switzerland French studies at the Swiss Jazz School diBerna 
Active participation: Festival de Cully 1989/90/91-Festival de Montreux 
1989/90/91/92-Festival de Bourges 
Festivals deNyon1989 / 1999 to Festivalsde Detroit- Atlanta-Montreal Festival de Montreal 1993 to 1994. 
Numerous TV and radio broadcasts in Switzerland.

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