Mantua Band Studio

Big Band jazz consists of five saxophones, four trumpets, four trombones and rhythm section, the MBS was born in Mantua in 1988 on the initiative of musicians under the leadership of the late Maestro Lombardi. 
The orchestra collaborates immediately with figures of excellence in the jazz scene, reaching great levels of executive and participating in numerous concerts and festivals. 
Since 1994, the leader of the group goes to Franco Capiluppi: Director, first trumpet soloist with prestigious international collaborations in the field, both in classical and jazz, as evidenced by the numerous recordings and participation in festivals all over Europe. Under his direction, the "Mantua Band Studio" is evolving more and more from the point of view of interpretation and technical expanding its network of partnerships and intensifying the recording sessions. 
In 1999 he joined the MBS pianist and arranger Stephen Caniato, which, with its arrangement "made to measure" contributes to an original sound to the orchestra.

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