Jacopo Jacopetti

Jacopo Jacopetti was born in Padua in 1956. 
Saxophonist (tenor and soprano) and composer, began in the 70s as part of the progressive, but soon realizes that his path is the jazz. 
In the 80s he founded with Gianni Cazzola, Marcello Tonolo and Piero Leveratto the Italian Repertory, the first Italian jazz training to work specifically on a national repertoire; also collaborates with Massimo Urbani, Peter Tonolo, Fulvio Sisti, Ran Blake, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Owens, Paul Birro, Sandro Gibellini, Paul Pellegatti, Luigi Bonafede, Ilaria Kramer, Mark Abrams, and offers his "voice" also projects pop (recordings and toured with Eros Ramazzotti, Fabio Concato, Matia Bazar, Ornella Vanoni, Aldo Tagliapietra). 
After a period of forced inactivity in the 90s, returns to the limelight in the new millennium with a quintet on its behalf, with Sandro Gibellini, Stefano Bagnoli, Franco Testa and David Roar.

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