Vincenzo Castrini

I started at the age '9-year study of the button accordion by participating in national and international competitions. 
Very important for me was the encounter with the Master Ivano Scattolini, accordionist originally from Mantua gypsy that I influence 'in a decisive way my style of play. 
The reality of people's lives, the street, the nightlife, the theaters are pictures and inspirations that more 'represent my music. 
In adolescence, I have devoted a good part of my time to the deepening of the piano, an instrument which I believe crucial to expand the horizons of knowledge and sound. 
I had the good fortune to work with many musicians and perform in different contexts between them, ranging from jazz to ethnic music, from folk to swing to Italian Gorni Kramer that I had the honor of meeting a child in his birthplace of Rivarolo Mantovano.

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