Valerio Abeni

Valerio Abeni was a student of Gianni Cazzola, and F. Campioni of the courses Conservatory G. Verdi in Milan. Companion in great demand for his musicality and incisiveness, he has performed with leading Italian jazz musicians (Massimo Urbani, Peter Tonolo, Larry Nocella, Sandro Gibellini, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Luca Flores, Mauro Negri) and with international musicians (Sal Nistico, Al Grey, Jimmy Owens, H. Johnson, Mal Waldron, Kenny Drew). 
He has six albums under jazz (with Bruno Marini, R. Brinck, G. Pavan, Luca Flores, A. Gotti, C. Sartori, etc. ..) 
It also has several collaborations in pop music (RAI orchestra) and funk. 
Very active as a teacher, has long exercised at the Free School of Music of Vicenza and the PiBieMMe of Brescia. 
He currently teaches Cultural Association of the Altrosuono Brescia. 
It was chosen as a drum teacher for jazz workshops which, starting from 97, are held annually in Feltre (Ass. Cultural Unison).

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