In 2005 Mauro Negri enters as leader of the sax section in the prestigious big band "Vienna Art Orchestra", one of the most prestigious orchestras Jazz and active in the world.
Mauro Negri is considered one of the most prestigious jazz clarinetists in the world scene. The collaboration between the instrumentalist-composition tor Mantua and the Austrian team, with whom he has released 4 CDs and world tours, means that to happen an important link between the orchestra and friends-colleagues, especially with Georgi Kornazov (trombonist Bulgarian, Georg Breinschmid (Viennese bass) and Mario Gonzi (drummer Viennese).
Has always been a dream of Mauro Negri to be able to form a quartet with these musicians. Finally, 2011 will be the year that will create the quartet will perform in Italy and beyond, will carry out a CD consists of compositions written entirely by leaders dedicated to historical figures linked to Mantua as Andrea Mantegna, Leo Battista Alberti, Giulio Romano .
The compositional possibilities are numerous as ductility, preparation and knowledge of instrumental styles are the main features of the mu- cians chosen by Mauro Negri that with him in the "Vienna Art Orchestra" have tackled repertoires ranging from New Orleans to sounds atmospheres Elling- toniane, until you get to the most "Jazz Rock" or "Free Jazz" winking ethnic music.
However, the melodic vein of the compositions of Mauro Negri will be the characteristics of the core quartet "EUROPART".

Mantova Jazz 2012

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