Carlo Cantini Quartet - Heptago

HEPTAGON, the new project by Carlo Cantini on the Violin and his companions on a journey that doesn’t want to end, Fiorenzo Delegà on the Bass, Pietro Benucci on Drums and Percussion, along with the return of the Pianist Mario Lino Rossi, is the inevitable consequence of a musical voyage that has never stopped pulsing in the minds of all four.

- A transversal music that collects every experience affirming a principle to which there are no limits in the development of positive and unusual solutions. Generosity and the desire to experiment, in a systematic, constant musical brain storming, are the substance that animates this basic principle.
What is the substance of contemporary music if not a ‘proactive response’ that evolves by intrinsic definition? It is certainly necessary to be courageous and "brazen". The attempt is essential.