Denise Dimè

This project includes a music CD promotion of 9 unpublished and new songs and of an arrangement of a famous song of Henri Dikongue ( composer of Cameroon) “C’est la vie”, an ethnical hit of the 90’s.
This project, created by Stefano Freddi, for the voice of Denise Dimé, wants to succeed in keeping alive the great musical, choral and cultural tradition of the Cameroonian tribal villages, around Douala.
The texts of the songs are written using oral dialects of the tribes malimba, bacoco and batanca.

Denise Dimé: Vocals
Stefano Freddi: Guitar and Keyboards
Carlo Cantini: Violin
Lorenzo Pignardi: Bass
Massimo Tuzza: Percussion
Matteo Freddi: Drums

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