Gabriella Mazza Marco Gamba

Coming out the new album of Gabriella Mazza "voice" and Marco Gamba "double bass".
Recorded: Bergamo "italy" by Paolo Pelandi (P.Lion).

Gabriella Mazza (vocals) and Marco Gamba (bass) have reinterpreted the most classic songs  by the  American composer George Gershwin, imbuing them  with modal and blues sounds.
The reinterpretation is made unique by the unusual way the two instruments combine and contrast at the same time, and by the use of  sampled sound sequences. 
Arrangements are therefore creative and intend to be a homage to the most classic author of the 20th century. 
In the duo’s work, improvisation meets  the opera and standards are proposed sometimes as  true "arias", and sometimes with a new contemporary sound.

Gabriella Mazza: Voice, Loop
Marco Gamba: El. Bass Six/Four Strings, Double Bass, Guitar Synth, Sequencer Programming