Work Out ! - Soul Clap

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Here 6 new tracks recorded in 2007 come back to revive with analog mastering for 12" LP that will release in Limited Edition for April 13th .
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Work Out! - Soul Clap
There is so much imagination, desire to explore and discover in the "Soul Clap" of the Work Out! In side 1 the vinyl grooves reveal the first 3 unreleased tracks of bassist Gabriele Rampi Ungar, while in side 2 we find 3 covers of great artistic depth. The Jazz Funk music of the Work Out! goes in search of the past and the roots, trying to build something that looks at the present and the future, ideas and experiments to be cultivated with dedication. At the base of playing together there is first and foremost the fun of those behind the instruments, warm lows, enthralling grooves, pressing rhythms and engaging refrains, which from Jazz encompass Funk and Soul sounds typical of black music. A mixture that reveals itself retro sounds, pushes towards modern and contaminated expressive solutions, creating a lively and personal sound, with a precise aesthetics and a strong character. Don't miss it!

Nicola Bardini - tenor & soprano sax
Simone Pederzoli - trombone
Federico Squassabia - keyboards
Gabriele Rampi Ungar - bass
Riccardo Bringhenti - drums