Snap Trio

Snap Trio, featuring Franco Capiluppi (trumpet/flugelhorn), Stefano Caniato (piano) and Marco Cocconi (6 string electric bass), is a brand new combo.
The three musicians, who have a longtime musical collaboration, in summer 2017 were booked for a gig with no drummer on the bill.
The particular sound of this combo intrigued them immediately, so they decided to create a new project dedicated to the great trumpeter Chet Baker. The famous musician often plays in groups without drums, with just bass, guitar or piano. This combination produces a very unique and intimate sound, allowing the listener to appreciate every single detail produced by the instruments.
Snap is onomatopoeia of the sound produced by a finger snap, a system used by musicians to count off before starting a tune, but also a symbolic rhythmic accompaniment, as there are no drums.
The song list was a difficult choice, because of the huge repertoire played by Chet, but it covers pretty much the entirety of his work, starting from '50s till '80s, alternating famous standards and original compositions.
“With a Song in my Heart”, a renowned song chosen as the title for this album, is an intimate and personal tribute from the trio to the great trumpeter.

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