Peppe D'avino Quartet

The trio, depending on the musical repertoire, has often switched its soloist, getting to the collaboration with the virtuoso saxophonist Guido Bombardieri.
The songs have been written tailoring the music to fit each performer: this is the keystone of the whole recording. Bearing in mind Duke Ellington’s teachings, the purpose is to fuel a strong interplay, without altering the songs’ mood. Live recordings aim to convey the feeling of being in a jazz club, listening to live music.
The mastery of Carlo Cantini, in his recording studio, has helped to create the right blend.
The songs, composed by Peppe D’Avino between 2016 and 2017, express a “nazionalpopolare” melody. According to Peppe D’Avino “only a solid melody makes for a unique and recognizable song”.

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