Fulvio Anelli

I was born on 1st february 1963 the last day of “la merla”, the coldest day of the year with about 90 cm. of snow and  entrance doors that could not be opened as mother says….That’s probably why I hate the freeze and I love the heat.
Since I was a child I have been handling my friend “ the guitar”. The remotest memory I have is when I was in the first year of the Middle School and while my schoolfriends played the flute I used to accompany them with my guitar.
When I was 15 years old I experienced something that changed my whole life. I  made my debut in a theatre with “Gruppo Teatro e Canto Popolare” as an actor and a musician…. Since then I have continued for several years and hundreds of shows. Such an experience has enabled me to improve enormously the knowledge of the instrument together with the singing.
Once I abandoned the theatre experience, I continued to experiment different musical genres, refining the technique and enriching my musical background and with different cover bands I continued to make my performances in several Italian stages . I also began to write songs that I left behind for years till I decided to record them in order to collect my ideas.
In the meantime Barbara, my wife, my friend and my alter-ego,  telling me nothing, entered a  competition  in Santa Margherita Ligure with one of my songs . After a while I received a telephone call from Bruno Lauzi who invited me to the final of “Premio Bindi” where he was the Art Director.
It’s the year 2006 and the song is “Tita”.
My band was born at that time, formed by very talented and skilled musicians, with whom I started to play live concerts. Their musical sensitivity and their personal contribution is of great value to the arrangement of the pieces.

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